American Singles

American singles are a lucky breed - not only are there plenty of other American singles out there, there are also plenty of ways to meet them!

American Singles

How much do we love being American singles? The fact that American singles are one of the largest deomgraphics in the country and that their numbers are growing all the time speaks for itself. American singles are enjoying being single and they are in no hurry to get married and settle down! That doesn't mean that we don't want to out there meeting and dating other singles, it just means that for now, many of us are happy in our own skin.

A great time for American singles

As American singles we have a lot more choices in life than any other generation. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, either way you get to cose your own destiny and it doesn't have to contigent on anyone else and their whims. No, we can make our own way, without having to pay a lot of attention to the goal of amrriage that used to be our defining moment. We have finally realized that settling down might not be the best thing to do at our age and that these things can wait until we feel ready, not when society tells us when we should. No longer are our lives dictated by the norms of a past generation, we have taken the reigns and moving along at our own pace.

One of the advantages to being single in this day and age is that meeting new people has never been easier, or more fun! Between online dating sites and speed dating nights - our lives as American singles do not lack companionship. We just want to be a little more prepared for marriage than our parenst were. We want to get a good eduaction without having to balance that with the needs of a spouse. We want to establish our careers before our life is seing run by our children. And there is a lot to be said for this new-found freedom. More and more people are getting married at later ages when there is a steady income and a lot more stability than s younger couple would have, and we don't feel bad about it one bit.

Singles dating may well be in your future!

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