Romance Books

Romance books - they are a great mood elevator and romance books are great companions for a day at the beach.

Romance Books

Why have romance books been so popular for so long? Anything that tells us what we want to hear is something that we are attracted to, especially when it has the added advantage of being able to sweep us off into a fantasy world, if only for a few minutes.

The appeal of romance books

Romance books have enjoyed overwhelming popularity for decades, whenever a good one comes out, it flys off the shelf. And that is besides the fact that they have gone unrecognized by literary critics for as long as those critics have been complaining about other people's books. But, there are actually a great many of them that are not even considered to be worthy of critique simple because they fall within the genre of romance books. But the fact that they have had such good sales for such a long period of time attests to their popularity with the masses.

They do not have only one plot and flat, one-dimensional characters. Rather, many of them are extremely well written and can take the reader on a mini-vacation in their imagination. Characters often appeal so much to the reader becasue they can actually be identified with. The heroine is someone that we know, or that we would like. And the hero, or main male character often contains a few traits that exist in many of our fantasies. We might be stuck doing the laundry at home or dealing with a high-powered and fast-paced job, but with romance books we allow ourselves a small mental vacation as we read.

There are romance books that can appeal to anyone's tastes. The settings for the novels range from the Wild, Wild, West to the Victorian Era. There are even some that are set in the future or with a supernatural element to them. There are many that are grounded in our own time and place and deal also with such contemporary issues as single parenthood.

One of the best, and we think most attractive, aspects of these novels is that they satisfy a part of our desire for romance and even get us in the mood for the coming evening.

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