Romance is key to a long lasting, fulfilling realtionship. Keep romance as an intregal part of your life.


The pursuit of romance

There seems to be a pervading fantasy in many of our minds that there is a great romance out there just waiting for us. We were weaned on fairy tales that told of clandestine meetings, instant attraction, and of course a happy ending. And the fairy tale has seeped onto the silver screen as well where for years we witness some of the greatest couples that Hollywood has produced. Many of the male leads use romance to win over the girl of their dreams and then continue to bath them in romance long after the courtship has ended. But this is not reality, people! The fact is that here in the real world romance doesn't always flow easily into our relationships, we have to create it and keep it alive.

Many studies have shown over the years that people who are in a committed and happy relationship actually live longer. And they say that one of the main reasons why the most successful relationships last and are fulfilling is becasue the romance has stayed alive. Romance is more than just roses and chocolates, more than candlelit dinners and walks on the beach. It is also in the small things, a whisper in the ear, a smile at the end of the day, a touch in passing. All of these little things reinforce the emotional tie between two people. It also makes each person feel special as they know how much they mean to their partner.

As much as many of us do not like to admit, we do all need attention, especially from the person with whom we are sharing our life. It does not bode well for the couple to get into a kind of daily grind where they see each other only in passing and talk only when it is necessary. It starts to feel like a business that the two of you are running, and with a family it is in a sense, but a very special one that is between two people whose mutual attraction brought them into the partnership to begin with.

One avenue for getting yourself into a romantic mood and aids in coming up with romantic ideas is with romance books. Sure, they take a lot of heat for being less than worthy of literary mention and are considered very sappy by some, but there is a reason that they have flown off the shelves for hundreds of years - people like them. Next time you have some time, pick up a book whose purpose is to spread the romantic feelings around!

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