Virtual Relationships

Virtual relationships have damaged a lot of marriages. In addition, virtual relationships can give you a false sense of security about the other person.

Virtual Relationships

Why do people engage in virtual relationships? Could it be that they feel their options in the "real world" are somewhat limited, and virtual relationships virtually open up a whole new world of possibilities?

Virtual Dating

Virtual relationships can start one of two ways--in chat rooms or through online dating sites. At least if they start through an online dating site, there's more of an element of safety. However, whether it's from a chat room or an online dating site, nobody really knows what another person's motives are.

That being said, the reason innocent flirtations online turn into virtual relationships is because people feel more uninhibited online. It's easier for them to make a "connection" (pardon the pun). It's fine if both parties involved are unmarried, but all too often one or both parties are married. Virtual relationships have lead to the destruction of many marriages. To that end, technology isn't such a good thing. Some people would argue that these marriages probably would have ended eventually anyway, but that may or may not be true. Online relationships just give people more of an opportunity to stray than they had before the advent of the Internet. On the other hand, if these real-life relationships were strong enough, they could get through anything that might jeopardize it in the first place--Internet or not!

Safety Issues

Another problem with online relationships is that the other person could be lying about everything they tell you. If you're dating someone in real life, you meet their family and friends eventually. You probably know where they work, and you may have even been to their workplace before. There are lots of ways to verify someone's stories when you're dating them in person. But if you're dating someone online who you haven't met, you have to trust that what they tell you about themselves is true. What if the person you're talking to turns out to be some kind of psycho killer? Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but it could happen. That being said, the first time you agree to meet this person in person, let friends know exactly where you're going and what you're doing. Don't give them your home address and phone number yet. No matter how attracted you are to someone, you need to take safety precautions until you can trust them implicitly.

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