Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be difficult to start, but if you've been together for a long time and are then separated by distance for awhile, you have a better chance of making it work. Get tips on long distance relationships here.

Long Distance Relationships: You CAN Make Them Work

In an ideal world, you could always be near your loved one. But we don't live in an ideal world, and sometimes people find themselves in long distance relationships, like it or not.

Control your long distance relationship

If you've found that you're in a long distance relationship, hopefully it's due to circumstances beyond your control. The best example of this is people in long distance relationships because of the military. In the last five years, more and more couples have been separated because of the war on terrorism. Hopefully, most of these couples already had a solid foundation to begin with. Otherwise, being apart that long--and at that great a distance--can be especially trying. "How do they do it?" you might be asking. Well, it takes trust, lots of love and patience. What helps is phone calls, letters and emails. Many times, having a daily phone call or email to look forward to from your significant other is what helps to get you through the day.

The same holds true for couples separated by other work situations. When you're used to having the person you love around all the time, then they're suddenly gone for an extended period of time, it can be quite an adjustment. But knowing you love each other and trust each other are the two keys to making long distance relationships work. Of course, it doesn't hurt to go that extra mile once in awhile, meaning you should send "care packages" or flowers to each other. Anything to show that you're thinking of that person while they're away serves as a great reminder of why the two of you fell in love to begin with!

The future of your long distance relationship

In this day and age of online relationships, many people who have never even met each other face-to-face find themselves in long distance relationships. Now that's risky business! Can you imagine what it must be like for people who have been in long distance relationships like these and never met face to face? Yet, they claim that they are in love with this person they've never met. How does that work?

We're not saying that someone has to be beautiful (or even attractive for that matter) for someone to fall in love with them, but there is a certain element of chemistry between people that takes place (or doesn't take place) that nobody can explain. Generally it's the spark that gets relationships going. Plain old hard work is what keeps them going, because let's face it--looks fade. Maybe these people actually have it right? But putting great distances between two people in love is stressful enough as it is. Why add the extra stress of starting out that way?

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