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Advice on Relationships - Helping You to Help Yourself

Dear Dating Dilemma Team,

"I'm having problems with my girlfriend and need some of your great advice on relationships... I've been dating this girl now for about 2 and a half years but she's got a lot of issues. I love her but when I think of how wonderful things were with other girlfriends - I begin to wonder if my current love is 'right' for me! I've and even enjoyed the company or sense of humor of others more. I've gotten a lot of relationship advice from my friends, who say that no one is perfect or to find someone else, but this advice on relationships seems oversimplified...

After all, I am getting older and if there is anything that I've learned it's that relationships are complicated and that for them to work, you need to stick with it. But when is a relationship beyond repair? When do you say, 'Okay, I've compromised too much, there are other women out there that are better suited for me, despite my love for my girlfriend?' I feel torn because I care for her so much and I feel like if everything was okay with our careers, we could be lot happier. Maybe I should check out online relationships instead."

'Lost in love'

Dear 'Lost in love':

"Well, our advice on relationships is not always going to help. Just as your friends and family don't really know what's going on, our advice on relationships is going to be just as superficial. Our advice on relationships isn't the 'final word' on the matter. Anyway, back to your question(s): You should follow your heart and ultimately try to work it out, perhaps with a professional that can answer ALL relationship questions. But if you really are torn, you may want to envision the future and if your girlfriend is not in it in a positive way, you may want to discuss how you feel with her and give her a chance to change or comment. Open communication can work miracles!"

The Love team

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