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Online relationship problems? No longer an issue. Let our online relationship experts get to work today.

Online Relationship: Receieve The Insight You Need

Know what's very common? To have a question concerning an online relationship. We deal with a countless numbers of these on a daily basis. If you have any inquiries you'd like a bit of advice on, have no fear - we're here!

Make it a point to confer with our panel right now. Generally, they can assist with all relationship issues. Take a gander at the example below and see how we deal with those that come to us seeking help. It's often a case of tough love.

Online Relationship - it's never too late...

Dear Dating Dilemma Team:

"I was wondering about online relationships... I have a girlfriend and I was wondering if an online relationship is really possible or a good thing to do, especially, if you're not very happy with the very real relationship that I'm in now with my fiance. Could I develop an online relationship without it being considered 'cheating?"

'Wondering Al'

Dear 'Wondering Al':

Well, we don't recommend starting a new relationship or an online relationship before you call it quits with your fiance. If you do, you're just asking for relationship problems. You need to decide which way that you wan to go - do you want to marry her or not. If you want to marry her then, NO, it's not OK to develop an Internet relationship, even if there is no sexual contact... Now, if you decide to call it quits, you should be brave and tell her and then begin an online relationship if you want... Our relationship advice will never encourage cheating, by the way.

The Dating Dilemma team

Help with your online relationship

It awaits. We're anxiously standing by, curious about the ways we can be of assistance to you and any loved ones. Please contact us when you're prepared to do so.

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