Love Quotes

Love quotes have been used in movies, poems, plays and song lyrics for years to woo lovers. Here's how love quotes can benefit your relationship.

Love Quotes

Traditionally, love quotes were used in plays and poems. Then there were the love quotes you find in greeting cards and hear in song lyrics. Some are famous, and some are less well-known, but the bestlove quotes are those that come straight from your own heart.

Love Quotes from Your Heart

Maybe it's too difficult for you to say what's in your heart. That's usually when you dedicate a song to your significant other or find just the right greeting card. That's fine, as long as the sentiment matches what's in your heart. If you get a greeting card, you can take it a step further and put your own love quote inside. It doesn't even have to be anything clever or catchy. Just saying something like, "I may not tell you often enough, but you mean the world to me." In fact, check out what Cindy had to say about a particular Valentine's Day card she got from her husband (who, incidentally, is against greeting cards).

"My husband's Valentine's Day card made me cry. He was away training for a new job. It was a 6-month training and I wasn't allowed to go with him. It involved some tough physical training, and in his card, he wrote, 'Whenever it's really cold, and I'm outside running anyway, and my chest is hurting and I'm out of breath, I keep going because I think about you. We're going to get through this. You're my inspiration.' That may not be exactly how he put it, but it was something to that effect. I'm tearing up now just talking about it! In fact, my husband isn't known for love quotes, but when he proposed, he actually did it by sending me flowers and writing the proposal on the card. Then he appeared from around the corner, got down on one knee and proposed. I guess he's more of a romantic than I think."

Another fine example of love quotes comes from ABC's reality show "The Bachelorette." Remember Trista and Ryan? Ryan was sooo in love with Trista that he wrote love poems and love letters to her all the time. In the end he won, and at their wedding reception, he wrote a song for her for their first dance. He was able to keep it as a surprise until it was time for the dance.

As you can see, love quotes can never hurt. It doesn't matter if it rhymes or not, and it doesn't even matter if you came up with it originally, as long as it comes from your heart, it's effective.

When it comes to the perfect match, love compatibility has a lot to do with it.

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