Love Quote

A love quote is a great way for a man to express his love for a woman. Writing a note or sending a card with a profound love quote can mean the world to her.

Love Quote

If you need a love quote to woo someone, you can find love quotes aplenty on the Internet.

A Love Quote for Every Occasion

It doesn't really matter what stage your relationship is in, a love quote can say it for you. How do you think Hallmark makes so much money? They're like the love quote specialists! But if you're creative, you can come up with a love quote of your own for your unique situation. For example, there was once a girl named Kelly, and in high school she had a crush on a guy named Brian. Kelly was a sophomore and Brian was a junior, and the annual "Girls Pay All" dance was coming up.

For that dance, it's the girl's responsibility to ask a guy to the dance instead of it being the other way around. Kelly couldn't tell if Brian liked her back or not, so she decided to summon up the courage to ask him to the dance. However, she wanted to do it creatively. She noticed that you could buy Tootsie Pops in a little "bouquet" that was really cute. It was just about maybe 10 Tootsie Pops bundled together in shrink wrap. She bought them and attached a note that said, "I'm a sucker for you. Will you go to the dance with me?" Unfortunately, it didn't work. It turned out that Brian actually had a crush on someone else. He wasn't a jerk about it though. He genuinely did not want to hurt her feelings, and Kelly appreciated that. Of course, it helped that they were friends before she developed the crush. In fact, they remained friends.

If you search the Internet, you can find a love quote for almost any reason from asking someone out on a date to professing your love. You can find love quotes for breaking up, and love quotes for marriage. Ah, the beauty of the World Wide Web.

Try writing a love poem or love song. Be creative.

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