Love Poem

A love poem can say so much in just a few words, why not spend some time writing a sweet love poem for your special someone?

Love Poem

We were forced to read a few in school and even comment on them. And, of course, we have all receieved some cheesy love poem included in an infantile Valentine card when we were in grade school. There's "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you," and other short poems that we memorized growing up, but when was the last time you read a really meaningful love poem? Once upon a time a love poem was an important means used to communicate with a lover, but now they seem to have lost a lot of their appeal for most people. We tend to think of them as too mushy or too wrought with emotion, some of which we do not want recorded for posterity. But, if you picked up and read a truly great love poem, we think you might have a different feeling - many of them can really touch the heart.

A Love Poem to Last a Lifetime

Why are we increasingly afraid that what we express will be seen by others somewhere down the road? What happened to the times when people in love were proud to scream it from the mountaintops? We might not be as open as we once were about love, but we still long for that openness. Nothing is more flattering than to be completely adored by the object of our desire. There is simply no better feeling. And all it takes is a opening up a little and exposing yourself to the person you love. Love poems are a wonderful way to do this. Most of the time, they are filled with beautiful love quotes that touch the heart. Can you imagine receiving a lovely love poem that someone composed just for you? The feeling of love itself is often times beyond words and when the person that you love spends the time and the thought necessary to find a few words that express them best, it can really take the words away from you!

Maybe the power of the pen (or at least the power of the poem) is lost on you. You can find many a free love poem on the Internet. And an online love poem will work wonders as well as any you wrote yourself!

Instead of fearing that your feelings will be recorded forever when you write and give a poem, think about the great advantage of it. You may very well be spending the rest of your life with the recipient. You might pass through the years with the support of this person. The two of you will watch your children grow and then start families of their own and it is for them that a love poem can take on new meaning. After all, when it comes to love compatibility, know what you like and go for it.

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