Love is in the air. Smell it. We are all after the the great and enigmatic thing called love.

Looking For Love And Finding It In This Hectic World

Love has always been a mover and a shaker.

The world has stood still for it, wars have been fought for it, lives have been enriched by it. It is the one things that everyone claims that they cannot live without. Love quotes have been written about it. No matter how aloof, macho, or fed up we are, when love hits us, we all have the potnetial to fall - hard! For most of us love is a life-long quest, we are either seeking it, trying to maintain it, or trying to get over it. No matter what stage we are at in the game, it is always a part of our life and takes up many of our thoughts.

The right time for love is right away

When should we go out looking for love? Where should we go to find it? Can anyone tell us how to go about finding our elusive love? The bad news is that there is no definitive answer as the love poems that we have read have led us to believe. There's no specific love quote that holds the secret to finding true love. It just pops up where we least expect it and does not have any particular place that it calls home. One thing is for sure, we must always keep our hearts open to love, wherever we find it. But, we cannot let the pursuit of it completely dominate our life or it will beat us.

When we are preoccupied about finding love, we tend to settle for the first thing that come along and then, when it is not what we had hoped for, we can become needy or distant - both are poison for love.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself and for your pursuit of love is to find it within ourselves instead of having to go out and look for it. We are all complete even without the love of someone else. Go out and do things for their own sake and enjoy the time that you have to spend both alone and with friends and loved ones, for they are also a great asset. Love for yourself is the surest way to invite love from another, we are all attracted to others who value themselves and their individuality.

It shows you have confident and are secure in yourself, which are attractive qualities. Be that person and learn to appreciate yourself for who you are. This will also help you to know what it is that you need out of a relationship, those things that you cannot do without in a partner. Once you have a good idea about what you want and what you need, you will never set yourself up for disaster by settling for just anyone again. Don't take queues from a love poem, take them from yourself. Elsewhere on this site we'll talk about love compatibility and what it takes to make a good impression.

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