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Online Dating Sites: Find The Love Of Your Life

What can you expect from online dating sites? Here is a continuation of the story from our "online dating site" page.

Further Stories of Stephanie's Journey into Online Dating Sites

When we left Stephanie, she had clicked on the "Show Interest" button for a guy. Here's how that's going, in her words....

"Okay, I contacted this guy Steve who I thought would be a good match. He's been online a while now, but he hasn't responded to my interest. I guess he's not interested in me. The sad part is only 6 guys on this particular online dating site matched my criteria. Then I re-read my profile. It's not very good. And if you read his profile, then mine, you wouldn't assume that we're a good match because we have seemingly different interests. He likes to play piano and guitar in his spare time. I didn't mention anything about music, but if I meet a guy I like, I wouldn't necessarily think that's a bad thing.

So, I guess that's one thing I don't like about online dating sites. It makes everyone seem like they have to meet all these criteria, and if not, you wouldn't be a good match. I would change my profile, but Steve is still online and he might think I'm changing it to fit what he wants. I would never do that though!"

So far, Stephanie's experience with online dating sites isn't good. But it's only been two days, and she's only tried one site. And it's a free site. Sometimes, free sites will let you put up a profile and even contact someone, but when they contact you back, you can't read their message unless you pay a fee. That's okay if they tell you about it up front, but many don't.

Perhaps Stephanie's best bet is to sign up with one of the online dating sites that has a trial membership. This would mean you would get the benefit of full membership for a limited time. And you wouldn't have to pay anything at all for it because this could be a free online dating service.

Then, if you want to continue, you pay a small fee. But the fee is usually reasonable--$35 or so. That's part of the beauty of online dating sites. They're cheaper than an actual dating service, and you get the added benefit of anonymity until you're ready to reveal more about yourself.

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