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An online dating site can offer fun, but be prepared. When you register with an online dating site, you'll need a good picture of yourself to download and a really good profile.

Online Dating Site: Go In Search Oe One Today

To find out more about how an online dating site works, we had one of our single writers sign up for a free site. Read about Stephanie's results.

Stephanie's Online Dating Site Diary

Day 1: I just completed my profile for an online dating site. I really wasn't prepared, let me tell you! I didn't have a picture I could download, so that's definitely on my "to do" list. Apparently, having a picture attracts more people to your ad. Another funny thing--when filling out the profile of what you want in a partner, you get to specify their horoscope and Chinese horoscope. That sounds crazy to me, so I clicked "Doesn't Matter." But I guess there are people out there who think that's important. Just one interesting aspect of an online dating site!

Day 2: Started a search. This online dating stuff is kinda fun. The men in my area were all on page 1--but there were only 10! I thought I was supposed to get variety from an online dating site. Of course, there are lots of pages of men, but most of them are in surrounding states! Luckily, there is one guy on this site who's in my area. He seems cool. I might contact him. In fact, I just clicked the button that said, "Show Interest." Yikes! For now, I'll stay online and see if anyone shows interest in me.

"So far, this is fun. I love shopping, and this is like shopping for the perfect guy. I'm a bit disappointed in the variety of guys to choose from in my area, but I've read that you're supposed to try multiple online dating sites to get a wider variety. This is certainly not the kind of dating I'm used to, but so far, it has potential."

Stay tuned for more on Stephanie's progress with this online dating site. Will the mystery man contact her? Will anyone else? Will she find true love through our little experiment? We'll see!

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