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Dear Dating Dilemma team,

"I recently joined an internet dating service and now I'm with three girls! I can't believe how easy it is to meet girls withinternet dating websites that have hundreds if not thousands of local singles. I need your dating advice, though, because now I'm finding it hard to choose one girl and I have to choose because I can't remember what I told who. Soon, it'll seem like I'm just a player who doesn't care to listen, but I really do! It's just that I can't recall everything each girl. I'm not used to online dating, I guess."

Hard to Choose

Dear 'Hard to Choose',

Internet dating is really a great way to meet people, but it's important to be honest with yourself and others. It sounds like you are having trouble keeping your lies straight. If you were telling the truth, would it matter what you said to which girls? Honesty is very important if you want your Internet dating experience to be successful. You'll find that most Internet dating services encourage you to tell the truth.

Internet dating has been good for you so far, but it looks like you can be in a lot of trouble soon if you don't make a decision. You must decide who it is that you like the most. That way you can concentrate! You are clearly unfocused now because of all your Internet dating and you need to be open and honest so you can truly adore the one you're with and learn everything there is to know about her. Once you do that, take your profile off the other Internet dating sites and tell the other girls that you've met someone online who has taken your breath away and you want to focus on her.

By letting the other girls know that you'd like to try to focus they may respect you more and even date you again if it doesn't work out with the other one. Have some faith in those you meet through an Internet dating service. You don't want them finding out on there own and then hating you for it. Internet dating really is no different than other forms of dating--it requires the same sensitivity and tact.

The Dating Team

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