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Dear Dating dilemma team,

"Help! I need dating advice! I've been getting dating advice from my girlfriends but they don't seem to understand. They insist that I should dump my boyfriend because he doesn't make a lot of money... But, I really love him and I know that he can make money in the long run... I've been dating John for about four months after a stint of online dating. I met him online and I think he's really nice and sensitive... He doesn't always stare at my big chest and I like the way he holds onto my butt with his hands in my back pocket - I think he really likes me! We have great conversations and sex too! But I need dating advice that doesn't like see everything through a green lens. Money isn't everything."

'Poor and in love'

Dear 'Poor and in love':

Our dating advice is this: stay with him and encourage him to make more money! If you love him then that's enough- really. Do you know how many rich women there are that would have forsaken love just for creature comforts... Sure, having money is great, but can you really go through life focused on money over love? Our dating advice is that you should follow your heart and the money may come later - if not, at least you'll be satisfied with your lover...

Awww, we're sorry that you've been so confused for so long. But don't give up! Through the concept of Christian dating, we're sure your future will be a bright one. Pursue these possibilities online today and take a look at one happy couple that did so:

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